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Close-Knit Business Bits

When advocating and/or caring for another person, family or friend, certain personal business matters must be addressed and organized. The Close-Knit Carebook(tm) is our recommended best tool with which to manage it all, but you can make your own system, too, if you'd prefer. Close-Knit Business Bits webinars and documents share ideas, resources and avenues for making money "from home" or wherever you find yourself on your caregiving and advocating journey. There are several ways to increase income via the use of a laptop, a smart phone, some inexpensive business cards and simply talking with people that cross your path wherever you are. (link to

Close-Knit Masterminds

Close-Knit for Life offers periodic Masterminds for people everywhere to participate and share in. We need to brainstorm together to come up with the very best solutions for our most current healthcare system challenges. (link to page)

Close-Knit Publishing

When advocating and/or caring for a loved one, the need for tracking care protocols provided by hospitals and nursing homes is critical. Unfortunately, these institutions don't go out of their way to make it easy for you to know (a) who should be addressed with any grievance, but also (b) how best to do that to ensure positive, corrective action takes place. Close-Knit for Life is committed to providing tips, direction and even template letters you can utilize by customizing with your own personal and current details regarding whatever the situation is. This provides you with some effective language that gets the "paper trail" started and enforce your rights and the rights of your loved one receiving care. Insurance companies appreciate this protocol, as well, because accountability is paramount when utilizing professional care facilities. Visit the Close-Knit Closet to obtain the Close-Knit Carebook(tm), various letter templates and other publications as they are made available as digital downloads. (link to C-K Carebook page)

Speaking Engagements

Close-Knit Enterprises, LLC Founder and CEO, Wren Owens, is available to speak to your group on the topic of healthcare advocacy and home caregiving, based on her decades of experience in doing so for multiple loved ones throughout her life. (link to

Close-Knit America!

Close-Knit America!(tm) is an online YouTube show featuring hosts, Jonathan Mark and Wren Owens, and covering topics from healthcare advocacy and home caregiving to current events, politics, relationship dynamics and everything in between. You never know what Jonathan and Wren are going to be exploring together or bantering with each other over, but you can know it is important and about something that has a direct effect on all of our lives. (link to show page)