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Welcome to our "Closet!"

We hope you have been enjoying your exploration of!  Launched 3/16/20, this page offers tools for helping you and yours with successful caregiving at home, placing at center-stage our flagship product:

 The Close-Knit Carebook - Your Personal Home Healthcare Assistant.

Here, you'll find the color-coded groupings of organized FORMS and CHECKLISTS for you to customize with your personal information. Each is a PDF file you can print and fill out by hand, or type in your information prior to printing. The Groups are offered via compressed folders.

We divided the groups, also, so that those who may want to only utilize a single group or a select number of the groups only, may do so. First up, you will find the entire system download offered. How you receive and employ the Close-Knit Carebook is your choice!

Please Note:

This website is brand new. When technical problems arise, it usually takes a wee bit of time before any glitches becomes fixed. For example, the server/provider's technology has a problem which (apparently) displays some of the text in Spanish or another language other than English. There is no logical explanation, but it is what it is...a GLITCH.

Please, if you will, be patient and understanding of such things while all this is worked out and corrected?  That grace would be most appreciated. THANK YOU in advance for your understanding.

ALL 9 color-coded groups are combined in the first offering DOWNLOAD on this page: from the Blue Group through the Slate.

Thank you for your interest and support! As always...
Love Living...Get Close-Knit!