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Are you ready to get a solid handle on exactly what's involved in thorough, balanced, well-organized and successful advocating and caregiving with your people?

Give yourself the gift of learning a  new system for use with advocating and caregiving: Close-Knit for Life   ~ CLASSES ~

Close-Knit for Life offers a wide selection of focused training sessions you can take yourself through at your pace and from wherever you are.  All you need is your computer, laptop or smart phone, plus a little time and a good dose of enthusiasm! Not only will you utilize all you learn through this series of classes, you will have achieved new skills with helpful, unique tools that you can offer to others.

"Unpacking," Understanding, Putting Together and Utilizing
The Close-Knit Carebook

Your Personal Home Healthcare Assistant

Class 1 - Orientation:  A Comprehensive Introduction to the Close-Knit Carebook

This class introduces you to not only a brief outline of all that you are about to encounter as you go through the nine color-coded groups of files and forms that make up The Close-Knit Carebook, you will learn the best way to put together all the pieces of the system such that you don't experience any "overwhelm" or confusion. You'll learn the reasons why the various form field are so important, and you'll learn some tips and shortcuts that will save you time and money on your advocating or caregiving journey.

Class 2 - First Things First: Close-Knit's Crimson Files

The Second Class guides you through the Crimson (red) color-coded files, providing best insights for how one can approach many of the most critically important pieces of information anyone will want to have front and center of their home healthcare management system.  You'll see how easy it is for you and your loved ones to be guided through the gently prompted activities throughout the system; and you'll be introduced to the various choices you have for storing, presenting and cataloging all the data you can easily collect with the help of The Close-Knit Carebook.