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Become one of the first Close-Knit for Life Certified Professionals!

When one manages home healthcare in an organized, quality, detail-oriented and professional way, they are far more effective in truly helping those they care about, and in all the areas that count the most. At the same time they are also helping other family members and friends of the loved one receiving the assistance.  Each member of the family or group of friends supports and assists the others. When this habit is cultivated, no one person becomes overwhelmed, run down or worn out.

Relationships are developed, strengthened and maintained when communication is optimized and Respect for all members of the team leads the way. Always, the one receiving the care or assistance remains the "Captain" of their ship - and you, the C-K Certified team leader, are their partner and "Co-Captain."  Should anything occur making it impossible for the Captain to take an action or voice a choice for themselves, the Co-Captain needs to be able to step up in those moments to do or cause to be done, what the Captain wants first and foremost. 

Close-Knit for Life helps people obtain professional-level skills and know-how for "best practices" in personal Advocating, Consulting and Caregiving the Close-Knit way... What is the Close-Knit "way?"  Caring for each other in teams

A person with Close-Knit Certification is amply qualified to charge fair wages for private consulting, advocating and caring for others. They can help others put their needed Care Teams together, assist them with putting the team's loved ones' binders together (The Close-Knit Carebook), and provide on-going support and advice for how best to address other healthcare professionals when any confusion, misunderstandings, mishaps or other matters arise. If you feel you have a Close-Knit Captain within you, obtaining Close-Knit Certification could be for you! 

Start by reviewing what's involved in Getting C-K Certified: